Qstack overview

Our CEO Jonsi Stefansson provides a high-level overview of our comprehensive cloud management platform, Qstack.


Qstack’s Application Orchestration with Kubernetes

This demo by our CEO Jonsi Stefansson provides an overview of Qstack’s new Kubernetes-based Application Orchestration module.


Qstack demo

This is an on-demand demo webinar. Participants will see a full feature and functionality overview including: User Interface, Department Admin, Infrastructure Admin.


Qstack architecture

During this webinar we will discuss the architecture of the Qstack platform. You can expect a detailed description of a few key components and how different hypervisors are handled.


Usage design in Qstack

We will take a look at how Qstack implements and manages usage data, what mechanisms it uses in ensuring the data is correct, and what Qstack admins and users can do with it. 


How to use letsencrypt

We’ll take you through how to install letsencrypt on the Qstack management server and how to get a certificate issued and installed on Qstack, enabling HTTPS communication.

More information

The Qstack Hybrid Feature

Hybrid is the main gateway into the Qstack services. Thus all Qstack installations are Hybrid enabled by default. The Qstack Hybrid design focuses on EC2 compatibility to obtain conformal view of compute resources, regardless of which cloud they reside in.

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Containers with Qstack: Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes

A lot of interest has been building up using containers in production environments. We show how you can get started with Qstack and two of the most popular solutions: Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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