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The Qstack Blog named one of the ‘Top Cloud Computing Blogs of 2017’


The Qstack team is happy to announce that our very own Co-Founder and COO, Eirikur “Eiki” Hrafnsson, from our Qstack Blog has been featured in the ‘Top 97 Cloud Computing Blogs of 2017‘ by Cloud Implementation.

According to Denis O’Brien at Cloud Implementation, the list of the top cloud computing blogs was created because “there has been an explosion of high quality cloud computing blogs with a variety of specializations.” They therefore saw the need to identify the best practical, comprehensive and education blogs available today. By doing so they wanted to make it easier for people to browse through the best available content out there.

The Qstack Blog has been active for a couple of years, actively growing and expanding its readership since it started. Valuing the innovative and strategic mindset of our bloggers, we hope to be able to provide our readers with the highest possible quality content every time.

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‘DevOps, 12 factors and the next great thing’


On the Qstack Blog, Eiki has a 3-part blog series called: DevOps, 12 factors and the next great thing. In part 1 he discusses the true meaning of DevOps and how developers and operations are creating a common language, that is the application orchestration, with the 12 factors. In part 2 he clears out the difference between container orchestration and application orchestration. And finally, in part 3, he adds Kubernetes into the equation and explains how Qstack’s application orchestration successfully addresses the 12 factors and more.

Eiki Hrafnsson

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Eiki brings more than 20 years of software development, product design and entrepreneurial experience to Qstack. He cofounded the company in 2010 together with Tryggvi Larusson. Based in Seattle, Eiki is the company’s COO and is responsible for strategic partnerships and networking in the US.



Along with Tryggvi Larusson, he also co-founded Idega Software. Specializing in web enterprise applications development and platforms, Eiki was the Chief Software Engineer. His approach to technology, likable personality, and in-depth experience of the industry has led to speaking engagements across the world. Eiki is also a Founding Board member of CleanTech Iceland and a mentor to startups in Iceland and Brazil.


We look forward to receive more content from our front-line thought leader here at Qstack. For more information about Qstack’s application orchestration, sign up for our featured webinar or request a demo!