Timesaving in development with Docker and Qstack

Containerization technology is gaining traction in production systems but the benefits of it should not be downplayed for development and testing purposes.  Here is a quick anecdote on how Docker has shortened the development cycle for the team working on … Read More


Qstack high level architecture and concepts

Qstack architects infrastructure into a self-service single pane of glass platform, that solves the fragmentation of IT management. This document outlines core Qstack concepts and how Qstack provides the ideal platform for any workload. Compute Concepts When configuring Qstack, users … Read More


Azure Stack’s big delay. Here’s how you can move forward

If you didn’t hear the news already – Microsoft just delayed the release of its private cloud software, Azure Stack, by at least a year or not until mid-2017. However if you are Microsoft Service Provider, CSP, VAR or end-user don’t despair! … Read More