Qstack high level architecture and concepts

Qstack architects infrastructure into a self-service single pane of glass platform, that solves the fragmentation of IT management. This document outlines core Qstack concepts and how Qstack provides the ideal platform for any workload. Compute Concepts When configuring Qstack, users … Read More


How Qstack aligns with the SDDC philosophy

There is still a lot of ambiguity around Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), what it actually means and how it will impact the cloud ecosystem. Asking “what is SDDC”, will probably give diverse answers, depending on who is asked. Probably … Read More


Hyper-converged platforms cloud enabled with Qstack

The data-center transition or re-platforming towards hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platforms keeps accelerating as HCI becomes less monolithic and hardware defined, and more software-driven and intelligent. No longer is HCI merely a highly-dense consolidation of compute, network and storage resources with … Read More

Qstack newsletter

Qstack Pulse: August

Last month’s highlights from Qstack news & blog Qstack is what Azure Stack promises & more! Microsoft announced a delayed release of its hybrid/private cloud software Azure Stack, at least until mid-2017. There is no need to despair, as Qstack already is what Azure promises, and … Read More


Cluster management and others features everyone should know about

Knowledge is power, so here are three nifty Qstack features, cluster management, multi-hypervisor support and bare-metal multi-tenancy, that everyone looking into simplifying a complex IT environment should know about. Configurable platform functionality Qstack offers a configurable platform functionality allowing users to … Read More


Managing VMware vSphere infrastructure with Qstack

When it comes to hypervisor technologies, VMware vSphere is often referred to as the industry leading server virtualization platform, with a global widespread adoption by enterprises and service providers. vSphere core virtualization layer, called ESXi, efficiently abstracts server hardware resources … Read More