Timesaving in development with Docker and Qstack

Containerization technology is gaining traction in production systems but the benefits of it should not be downplayed for development and testing purposes.  Here is a quick anecdote on how Docker has shortened the development cycle for the team working on … Read More


Connecting compliance and innovation in the enterprise with Qstack™

Different cloud-based solutions – like compute resources in Amazon EC2™ compatible public clouds, or high-performance, distributed technologies such as Hadoop and Docker – create increasing pressure on enterprises seeking low-cost and high-performance answers to their business priorities. Qstack™ as a private … Read More

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Run Anywhere Big Data and HPC Workloads (HPCwire)

Our cofounder Tryggvi writes, “Organizations deploying big data and HPC workloads are looking for solutions that can be designed and developed once, then deployed anywhere, on any scale, and on any technology available without any manual tweaking or installation steps.” … Read More