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Top Cloud Computing Blogs of 2017

The Qstack Blog named one of the ‘Top Cloud Computing Blogs of 2017’   The Qstack team is happy to announce that our very own Co-Founder and COO, Eirikur “Eiki” Hrafnsson, from our Qstack Blog has been featured in the ‘Top … Read More


How Qstack makes cloud computing easier with extraordinary UX

Have you ever wondered why all those cloud computing interfaces are so darned complicated? Why is the action to launch a new instance sometimes a seven step wizard?  I mean, you just want to start up an instance, assign it … Read More


Timesaving in development with Docker and Qstack

Containerization technology is gaining traction in production systems but the benefits of it should not be downplayed for development and testing purposes.  Here is a quick anecdote on how Docker has shortened the development cycle for the team working on … Read More


Connecting compliance and innovation in the enterprise with Qstack™

Different cloud-based solutions – like compute resources in Amazon EC2™ compatible public clouds, or high-performance, distributed technologies such as Hadoop and Docker – create increasing pressure on enterprises seeking low-cost and high-performance answers to their business priorities. Qstack™ as a private … Read More


Can 2015 be the year of the hybrid cloud?

“Hybrid cloud” became just as big a buzzword lately as “big data,” or “ cloud computing ” in its early days. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get on board with a hybrid cloud. Yet the same surveys … Read More


Optimizing your infrastructure

Cloud adoption can be an involved process, especially for enterprises. Not only do existing investments and procedures need to be leveraged, cconsideration for growth needs to be addressed as well. … Read More

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Webinar on Cloud Sustainability with Greenqloud

The Supply Chain Cloud’ the body set up to promote the applications of cloud computing for the supply chain is leading a joint webinar with GreenQloud on “Cloud Sustainability” based on Open Source Appropriate Technology. … Read More

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CCP selects Qstack from Greenqloud to manage IT infrastructure

QStack is a turnkey cloud infrastructure software solution for leveraging existing resources and adapting them to meet forward-looking IT infrastructure needs, while lending significantly greater transparency into data and energy cost and usage. … Read More