Unlock True Data Mobility with NetApp Cloud Volumes Services

From the birth of the hybrid cloud concept, companies have dreamed of finally achieving the elusive free-flowing workload migration. Moving or migrating virtual machines from on-premises to the public cloud has theoretically been possible for some time, but in practice it … Read More

Qstack News

CEO’s 2015 Recap – Qstack addressing a real problem

As the year is drawing to a close, I finally have a moment to reflect on the passing year, where we’ve come from – and where we’re going. The year 2015 has definitely been a significant year for our team on … Read More


Connecting compliance and innovation in the enterprise with Qstack™

Different cloud-based solutions – like compute resources in Amazon EC2™ compatible public clouds, or high-performance, distributed technologies such as Hadoop and Docker – create increasing pressure on enterprises seeking low-cost and high-performance answers to their business priorities. Qstack™ as a private … Read More