With its latest release, Qstack becomes one of the first hybrid CMP to fully support Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor for managing virtualized environments. With this addition, Qstack now supports the majority of industry leading hypervisors including VMware vSphere (ESXi), Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM. This truly consolidates Qstack as a leading CMP supporting on- and off-premise multi-hypervisor environments and bare-metal infrastructure management.

Hyper-V hypervisor growing marketshare

Emerging with Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V 2012 has gained increased popularity, especially amongst SMEs due to Windows Server popularity, ease-of-use and favorable cost structure. According to Spiceworks data, smaller organizations are more likely to to use Hyper-V compared to VMware vSphere. However,many organizations still have mixed environments where they use multiple hypervisors from different vendors.

Qstack supports Hyper-V hypervisor
Server Virtualization Usage Across Company Sizes in 2016

Managing Hyper-V can be performed using either the graphical user interface Hyper-V Manager or PowerShell. Either way, the work gets done with PowerShell commands and scripts behind the scenes. Although the Hyper-V Manager can be effective to perform the most common management tasks, PowerShell knowledge is really needed for deep-down management and productivity gains. With respect to Hyper-V 2012, there are upward of 140 unique “cmdlets” for managing all aspects of creating, provisioning, and running VMs, requiring administrators to understand a yet another command library.

Simplified management of multi-hypervisor environment

Qstack allows infrastructure administrators to manage Hyper-V either from its homogeneous UI or through the widely used EC2 API Tools, simplifying management of a multi-hypervisor environment through a single interface. Likewise, Qstack users can spin up and manage their own Hyper-V instances according to their quota settings in the precisely same manner as with vSphere, KVM or bare-metal instances. So Hyper-V self-service capabilities and instant resource provision functionality are now fully available inside Qstack. This is a completely new possibility for Hyper-V users, which until now have had to manually provision resources through the Hyper-V Manager or using the PowerShell command set.


The most comprehensive CMP available on the market today

Qstack is gradually becoming the most comprehensive CMP available, supporting the widest range of hypervisors as well as x86 and ARM based baremetal infrastructure. Fully capable of managing hybrid cloud environments either locally or in remote location, as well as supporting AWS and Azure public cloud management, puts Qstack in the leading spot when it comes to scope, features, management and ease-of-use.

Qstack also plans to support Hyper-V 2016, still in preview as part of Windows Server 2016.

Written by: Olafur Ingthorsson