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Qstack Release

Intel DCM to be fully integrated into Qstack

New release: Our developers have been working hard for the last couple of months on integrating the Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) into Qstack. This June, we can now offer our customers greater insight into their infrastructure. Where Intel DCM’s suite of tools in Qstack will help eliminate waste with real-time monitoring and management, as well as providing users with the capability to plan and forecast costs.

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Case Study: Multi-Site Cloud Solution for Enterprises

A case study showing how Qstack’s hybrid cloud solution is used for an enterprise operating in multiple locations resulting in significantly reduced IT delivery time as well as increased productivity for developers.
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How Qstack Makes Cloud Computing Easier with Extraordinary UX

Have you ever wondered why all those cloud computing interfaces are so darned complicated? Is cloud computing really that hard? We don’t think so! We’ve decided that cloud computing should not be hard at all!
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Qstack Blog

Timesaving in Development with Docker and Qstack

Here is a quick anecdote on how Docker in Qstack has shortened the development cycle for the team working on Qstack from days to only minutes. Gain valuable insights on how you can do the same for your company!
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Qstack Blog

High Level Architecture and Concepts

This blog is by our CTO & Co-Founder Tryggvi Larusson. Here he outlines core Qstack concepts and how it provides the ideal platform for any workload. Thereby solving the fragmentation of IT management by being a self-service single pane of glass platform.
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