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Why Qstack?

Our main focus since we started the company has been to lower the technical barriers of using cloud solutions. We want to enable our users to get new and great technologies within the least amount of effort in time and knowledge of the intricacies of setup and configuration. That way our users can spend productive time on building great applications rather than spending time on infrastructure plumbing.

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Unlimited Scalability

Qstack-unlimited-scalability Qstack is highly scalable and has no scaling limitations. With Qstack thousands of physical servers can be provisioned in geographically distributed data centers and managed from its self-service portal or API tools. READ MORE


No Vendor Lock-in

Qstack-no-vendor-lock-inQstack is hypervisor-agnostic and supports the three most popular hypervisors in the market, VMware, vSphere, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V allowing for a multi-hypervisor setup on a single management host. READ MORE


Unified Infrastructure Management

Qstack-infrastructure-managementQstack’s unified and easy-to-use user interface allows enterprises to securely and efficiently manage their entire data center portfolio – including multiple public and private clouds located in different geo-zones – all directly from the same self-service portal. READ MORE


Secure Architecture

Qstack-secure-architectureQstack is designed and developed according to the highest security standards as used by enterprises and organizations in highly regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare. Qstack uses mutual Transport Layer Security for communication. READ MORE


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