Qstack Intel DCM Collaboration

Reykjavik, Iceland (March 17, 2017) – Greenqloud, the software company that develops the advanced cloud management software Qstack, and Intel announced today that Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM) will be fully integrated into Qstack from June 2017.

Intel, which is primarily known for their processors, has developed DCM to offer enterprises and service providers real-time power and thermal monitoring, health monitoring and utilization, increased rack density, optimized power usage, and more. DCM’s suite of tools provided to Qstack users will help eliminate waste with real-time monitoring and management, and provide them with the capability to plan and forecast costs.

Jonsi Stefansson, the CEO of Greenqloud writes, “I am incredibly excited about our collaboration with the Intel team. DCM seamlessly integrates into Qstack and provides a great enhancement to our usage and monitoring design.” Qstack is a comprehensive infrastructure and cloud management platform. With Qstack, enterprises are able to implement and manage large scale cloud environments and further consolidate their IT infrastructure management through a single, browser-based UI. Qstack aims to provide its customers with the flexibility to choose the ideal platform and location for their workloads. Whether on premise or in a public cloud. Qstack helps its customers adapt to changing priorities and future needs without any vendor lock-in.

Jeffrey Klaus, the General Manager of Intel’s Data Center Management Solutions writes, “Intel DCM’s integration in Qstack dovetails perfectly into our company’s efforts to help data center operators and enterprises to monitor and manage the power consumption in their facilities, enabling them to more efficiently provision cooling resources and consume power more wisely, in turn, helping them to significantly reduce their costs.”

For more information about Intel® Data Center Manager integration in Qstack cloud management software, contact us.