Private Cloud

By deploying a private cloud, organizations can obtain the flexibility that they need to address their specific requirements without moving data, applications and configurations off premises to an external provider. A private cloud provides unshared/dedicated IT infrastructure and resources that are both scalable and secure.

Deployed as a on-premise private cloud, Qstack provides an internal cloud solution for organizations that want to operate an on-premise private cloud environment.

  • In a private cloud implementation, Qstack offers automated deployment and management of virtualized and bare metal IT resources as well as powerful container and application orchestration capabilities.
  • Qstack supports access to availability regions within distributed private clouds. Which means that enterprises operating multiple Qstack private clouds can share resources across the cloud regions.
  • A white-labeled interface can be implemented on the Qstack UI that represents an organization’s branding policy.
Qstack private cloud

Highly scalable and elastic
Organizations are facing the increasing need for the flexibility and security of a private cloud. Either a single on-premise implementation or multi-location deployments, Qstack can be deployed in multiple private cloud locations and can share availability regions between them. Enabling on-demand, elastic and cost-effective provisioning of resources in a private cloud empowers enterprises and service providers to offer higher service-levels and better customer experience.

Secure resource segmentation
Security concerns are often the main driver for private cloud implementation. Avoiding potential data-leakage or public cloud noisy-neighbor syndrome are of vital concern. Through its secure and fully isolated VLAN based environments, Qstack ensures no interference with pre-existing security topology. Qstack provides additional network separation via VLANs isolation and customer-controllable software firewalls.

Infrastructure management
Not just a cloud management platform, Qstack can be used to more easily manage your on-premise infrastructure. Manage different hypervisors from a single pane of glass and simplify the infrastructure operation. Dynamically move, clone or add compute and storage resources as needed . Leverage VM snapshots for instance protection and point-in-time recovery.

Hybrid endpoint access
Through its native hybrid functionality, Qstack supports hybrid connectivity to EC2 API compatible endpoints. This means that a Qstack private cloud access can be extended into either another remote Qstack cloud environment or EC2 public cloud, like AWS.. Soon, Qstack will also support MS Azure and GCE public clouds as additional availability regions.