Qstack is Hybrid by Nature

Implement a hybrid cloud strategy composed of multiple cloud environments with Qstack and manage distributed workloads from a single management server

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Native Hybrid Capabilities in Qstack

Enterprises and service providers need the flexibility to manage services from private clouds, and public or remote cloud services in a unified manner. A hybrid cloud strategy enables them to be agile and offer diverse services and service levels for a increasingly demanding customer base. It also eliminates the problem of unmanaged access to different cloud environments and the undesirable consequences of shadow IT. 

Enterprises deploying Qstack can combine the power of private and public or external cloud environments through Qstack’s native hybrid capability. Qstack’s hybrid capabilities provide the opportunity for expanded resource availability. The customer can therefore decide where to place workloads based on cost, availability, security or other technical requirements. 

Hybrid strategy

Consolidated multi-cloud environment

Reduce fragmentation of your IT infrastructure with Qstack and avoid the complexity that comes with operating heterogeneous cloud management system. Qstack consolidates cloud environments in multiple geo-locations into a single-pane-of-glass hybrid cloud management, including distributed Qstack clouds, AWS, and Azure public clouds (support for Google Compute Cloud coming soon), allowing identical management of resources either on-premise or off-premise. This gives complete visibility and a consolidated view of your private and hybrid cloud resources from a unified portal.

Easy management of resources

With Qstack you can automate and manage your cloud infrastructure either through an easy to use UI or API. By supporting EC2 API and using API translation, Qstack also enables API communication with Qstack and the public cloud environments from a single API set, minimizing API complexity and improving compliance and usability. Qstack’s encrypted key storage and key pair management service provides a unified key management for both internal users and public API keys.

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Future-Proof Hybrid Cloud Strategy

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