Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises and service providers need the flexibility to integrate services from private clouds and public or remote cloud services. A hybrid cloud strategy enables them to be agile and offer diverse services and service levels for a increasingly demanding customer base.

Qstack includes a native hybrid cloud module that enables the extension of a private cloud into any external Qstack powered cloud or AWS EC2 public cloud environment. Through its hybrid functionality, Qstack will soon support MS Azure and GCE as external availability regions. Decide where to place workloads based on cost, availability, security or other technical requirements.

qstack Hybrid cloud

Qstack implemented as a hybrid cloud offers you:

    • Complete visibility

      A consolidated view of your private and hybrid cloud resources from a single dashboard.

    • Single key management

      Unified key management for both internal users and public API keys. Uses Qstack’s encrypted key storage and key pair management service.

    • Single API

      Use a single API to automate and manage your cloud infrastructure. Qstack uses a EC2 compliant API to manage its private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

    • Multi-cloud environment

      Consolidate multi-location cloud environment into a single-pane-of-glass hybrid cloud management, including distributed Qstack clouds, AWS and Azure public clouds.

    • Avoid shadow-IT

      Eliminate the problem of unmanaged access to different cloud environments and the undesirable consequences of shadow IT.

    • Reduce fragmentation

      Avoid the complexity that comes with operating heterogeneous cloud management system by consolidating into a single-pane-of-glass multi-cloud management platform.

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