DevOps teams need the rights tools for supporting an agile and collaborative environment. With a more rapid cycle of building, testing and releasing software applications, the need for tools and platforms supporting devops continuous delivery software pipeline becomes increasingly important. Containers extend the concept of of “write once and deploy anywhere” to an infrastructure abstraction that developers can efficiently consume and ops can predictably manage.

Qstack container and application orchestration module provides a unique approach for DevOps to efficiently manage and deliver container based microservices and workloads. With the Kubernetes platform integrated, Qstack offers a intuitive and powerful UI to manage clusters and applications. Qstack’s value for DevOps teams include:

– Full Kubernetes cluster management support with intuitive UI for easy management
– Visualized health monitoring of pods and clusters as well as readiness indicators and group workloads
– Load balancing feature for clusters, balancing workloads clusterwise
– Powerful UI and supporting kubectl CLI tools
– Allowing upload of customized YAML files for application execution
– Enabling application orchestration from pre-configured Helm charts
– Integrated YAML/JSON configuration editor
– Event logging for monitoring and troubleshooting

Qstack’s cluster management and application orchestration module supports agile devops collaboration, continuous development and integration (CD/CI) processes. As container based microservices and application continue to mature from PoC to production environments, Qstack is well positioned to handle the deployment complexities and operating large-scale container-centric systems.