How Qstack makes cloud computing easier with extraordinary UX

Have you ever wondered why all those cloud computing interfaces are so darned complicated? Why is the action to launch a new instance sometimes a seven step wizard?  I mean, you just want to start up an instance, assign it … Read More


Qstack high level architecture and concepts

Qstack architects infrastructure into a self-service single pane of glass platform, that solves the fragmentation of IT management. This document outlines core Qstack concepts and how Qstack provides the ideal platform for any workload. Compute Concepts When configuring Qstack, users … Read More


Why Qstack?

Why Qstack? Our main focus since we started the company has been to lower the technical barriers of using cloud solutions. When we set out to develop Qstack a few years ago we had ambitious goals. First of all we … Read More


Part 3: DevOps, 12 factors and the next great thing – Qstack, Kubernetes & the 12 factor application

Welcome back for the third and final installment of “DevOps, 12 factors and the next great thing.” In Part 1,  I discussed the true meaning of “DevOps” (hint: it’s a strategy not a role!) and how the “12 factor app” … Read More

Qstack Intel DCM Collaboration

Qstack to integrate Intel DCM for greater insight into infrastructure

Reykjavik, Iceland (March 17, 2017) – Greenqloud, the software company that develops the advanced cloud management software Qstack, and Intel announced today that Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM) will be fully integrated into Qstack from June 2017. Intel, which is … Read More


Qstack’s new application orchestration module: the basics

What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts in a cluster. The objective of Kubernetes is to abstract away the complexity of managing a fleet of containers, which represent packaged applications that include … Read More


Exploring usage design in Qstack

What is Qstack Usage? Usage is a service within Qstack that logs and monitors user resource consumption over a period of time. Through this service, Qstack logs utilization of virtual machines, volumes, templates, snapshots, IP addresses, and object storage. The … Read More


Hyper-converged platforms cloud enabled with Qstack

The data-center transition or re-platforming towards hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platforms keeps accelerating as HCI becomes less monolithic and hardware defined, and more software-driven and intelligent. No longer is HCI merely a highly-dense consolidation of compute, network and storage resources with … Read More