Bare Metal Management

Most cloud solutions address bare metal provisioning by allocating a dedicated server to the hypervisor which, in theory, would give you the full power of the physical server. In fact, the hypervisor will always reserve resources of the server to meet unexpected load due to its core role to virtualize and overprovision the server’s CPU. This can result in 10 – 15% less performance of that server, caused by the hypervisor overhead.

Qstack provides true bare metal provisioning, allowing it to totally bypass the hypervisor altogether. This means that you get 100% of the power out of a bare metal host.

Qstack’s bare metal solution is fully integrated and supported by the Qstack UI and API and requires no additional third party components. The network has built-in VLAN segregation. Integration with CloneZilla allows for booting of volumes on a storage server and no additional storage system is needed.

Bare metal servers within Qstack can be provisioned and managed in the same way as virtual machines, offering the flexibility of a VM for a dedicated server environment.


Other features include:

– Provision isolated bare metal instances immediately on user accounts

– Instantiate bare metal instances through industry standard IPMI interface

– Support OS’s and software-stack templates for bare metal instances

– Eliminate reserving compute resources for hypervisor overhead management

– Assign bare metal instances to advanced or basic shared networking domains


Bare metal servers can be provisioned with templates and cloned to make reusable images, and are controlled within Qstack through industry-standard IPMI interfaces, which allows the system to interact with any commodity hardware.

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