Application Orchestration

Manage any container-based workload or microservices through Qstack’s container and application orchestration module. Deploy Kubernetes resources, i.e. pods, deployments, jobs and services from the Qstack UI or provision an application stack from preconfigured Helm charts. Qstack’s container and application orchestration module integrates the Kubernetes engine and fully supports the ‘kubectl’ CLI and API as well as powerful monitoring and display of cluster status and health.

Qstack’s container and application orchestration module immediately supports your DevOps in deploying continuous development and continuous integration applications and workloads.
The complex cluster management and container scheduling, typically in native container-centric management platforms like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos, is greatly simplified through the Qstack UI.

From a user perspective, deploying a customized containerized application,or selecting a ready-to-run Helm chart application can be done directly from the UI without the need of having to first manually start a underlying cluster. The Qstack – Kubernetes integration ensures automatic cluster creation and load-balancing of applications within the cluster.