About Us

Our Mission

Providing enterprises with the most innovative and easy to use cloud management platform in the world today!


Qstack was introduced to the market in 2014 as a comprehensive cloud management solution for all your private or hybrid cloud needs.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an easy-to-use, overall cloud and infrastructure management platform, that will enable them to get the most out of their IT. We are committed to providing our customers with the best cloud management solution available.

Greenqloud, the maker of Qstack, is a software company, founded in 2010, that provides comprehensive cloud infrastructure solutions for your private, public or hybrid cloud needs.


User Interface

Our Executive Team


Jonsi Stefansson, Chief Executive Officer

Tryggvi Larusson, Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Eiki Hrafnsson, Co-founder | Chief Operating Officer

Ragnar Johannsson,
Chief Security Officer

Jon Arnar Gudmundsson,
VP of Engineering

David Olafur Ingimarsson,
Chief Financial Officer

Soffia Tryggvadóttir, Chief Business Development Officer & Head of Legal

Andres Arnarson,
Chief Sales Officer