It’s always healthy to look at the passing year in the rearview mirror and reflect on what we did well and what we could have done better. It fills me with pride, when I look at what we have accomplished this year and the massive rate of development of Qstack, with a relatively small team… well at least compared to the market we are in. This year our product Qstack really reached the needed maturity level when it comes to stability and scalability.  We’ve never lost sight of our goal to address and solve a real problem that is the global fragmentation of infrastructure management, and to make that management scalable, easy and efficient.

We took some big steps towards that goal in 2016. By adding in the following features and capabilities:


With our native hybrid capabilities, we started off only supporting AWS as a public cloud availability zone but this year we added Microsoft Azure and came far with completing our GCE and GKE support.

With these new hybrid availability zones, we can offer our Qstack private cloud customers more flexibility and the freedom to choose their preferred public cloud vendor.  We of course support all service providers that have their own IaaS offerings powered by Qstack as availability zones if they allow it.

Hybrid Cloud
Choose to spin up workloads on your own private cloud or your preferred public cloud.

Hypervisor Agnostic

This year we became one of Microsoft’s premium ISVs and really got cracking on developing support for the Microsoft hypervisor, Hyper-V, within Qstack. Making Qstack the only truly hypervisor agnostic cloud management platform (CMP) out there.  It has been a real pleasure for us to see our customers truly take advantage of this.  As an example, by having their production environments on VMware  or bare-metal, while their dev, test and staging environments are on KVM or Hyper-V, all environments managed by Qstack.  Providing an option to save on licence fees without adding to the complexity.

hypervisor agnostic
Manage multiple hypervisors from a single Qstack management host.

Kubernetes / Container and Application Orchestration

We wouldn’t be attacking that pain of fragmentation if we would have ignored the massive need and interest in containers and application orchestration.  We opted to base our Container and Application orchestration layer on Google’s Kubernetes.  We took a bit of a different approach when it comes to Kubernetes and our container & application orchestration. We felt like nobody was actually giving the end user the full overview when it comes to the performance, load, health, logs and distribution of your application or pods and how it is actually affecting your underlying infrastructure.

I’m extremely proud of the outcome and how this is yet another milestone for Qstack on its road to becoming a full stack solution. Kubernetes will be available in our next release coming out end of January 2017.

Kubernetes container
Create applications from standard YAML or Docker images.
 Application Orchestrationwws
Change container images, resource limits…and start a rolling update.

Creativity and Innovation

My team never ceases to amaze me, with their never surrender attitude and we can do anything ambition.  How they have truly made Greenqloud their own company, and how their ambition and attitude is instantly transmitted to those who have joined our company, This year we decided to start a concept which we call “Innovation Hub”.  

Every other Friday at 03:00 PM the entire company gathers to go over ideas submitted by them. Ideas are put up in Confluence and sketched out by the innovator. The ideas can be voted on and discussed in Confluence until the next “Innovation Hub”.  At Innovation Hub the innovator presents his/her idea or can select any person within the company to present their idea, if they are uncomfortable speaking in front of people.  The ideas don’t have to be about our products, they can be about our company culture, office space or what to do at the next team building activity. I did not expect this to be such a huge success and the ideas have been flying in and some heated debate at the “Innovation Hub” can be expected.  

The beauty of Innovation Hub is that everything goes, it can be a bat sh** crazy idea or a minor tweak to a specific feature.  You never know who or where the next great idea is coming from. Maybe the most interesting thing is that our partners and customers have been submitting ideas for the Innovation Hub, which we appreciate tremendously.  

This year we have made great progress, learned a lot, grown up a bit but not too much.  We are thankful for each and everyone of our customers and partners and for their contribution.

Happy holidays and have an adventurous and fulfilling new year!

Jonsi Stefansson, CEO

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