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Organizations are facing the increasing need for the flexibility and security of a private cloud. Either a single on-premise implementation or multi-location deployments, Qstack can be deployed in multiple private cloud locations and can share availability regions between those locations. Enabling on-demand, elastic, and cost-effective provisioning of resources in a private cloud empowers enterprises and service providers to offer higher service-levels and a better customer experience. Qstack offers automated deployment and management of virtualized and bare metal IT resources as well as powerful container and application orchestration capabilities.

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Hybrid strategy

Application Orchestration

Manage any container-based workload or microservices through Qstack’s container and application orchestration layer. Qstack’s container and application orchestration layer immediately supports your DevOps in deploying continuous development and continuous integration applications and workloads.  

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Native Hybrid

Qstack includes a native hybrid cloud module that enables the extension of a private cloud into any external Qstack powered cloud or AWS EC2 public cloud environment. With the hybrid functionality, you can decide where to place workloads based on cost, availability, security or other technical requirements.

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"Qstack is so far ahead of the competition. Global corporations have caught on!"
Kelly Ireland
Kelly IrelandCEO @ CB Technologies
"Qstack is by far the most innovative cloud technology we’ve seen in years."
Jeff Dickey
Jeff DickeyCIO @ Redapt
"Innovation has no boundaries in cloud. Greenqloud from Iceland great example. Thanks for showing Silicon Valley how cloud is done"
Gary HockingCloud Strategist

Cloud Management Platform that Delivers Value

Future Proof

Continuous development ensures that Qstack users have access to the latest cloud technology offerings right at their fingertips directly from the Qstack UI. This allows Qstack to grow and adapt to business’ ever-changing needs.

Secure by Design

“Secure by design” principles are implemented in our software engineering processes. Qstack is designed and developed according to the highest security standards as used by enterprises and organizations in highly regulated industries.


Maximum cost effectiveness is ensured by allowing optimal dispersion of workloads and data, with a single point of control for compliance, usability, and accountability.

Consolidates Infrastructure

Easily manage all of your resources from a single pane of glass. Qstack allows enterprises to securely and efficiently manage their entire data center portfolio from a unified and easy-to-use UI.

No Vendor Lock-in

Qstack is hardware & hypervisor agnostic allowing you to leverage existing hypervisor platforms, and existing infrastructure and licensing investments.

Manage Any Workload

Qstack can run any virtualizable OS, while effortlessly addressing mixed workloads and HPC with bare metal provisioning and container support.

Unlimited Scalability

Qstack has no scaling limitations. Thousands of physical servers can be administered in geographically distributed data centres with Qstack and managed from its self-service portal or API  tools. Its native hybrid capabilities enable you to expand resource availability into public clouds without compromising the private infrastructure.

You can implement a hybrid cloud strategy composed of multiple cloud environments as Qstack can manage distributed workloads from a single management server.


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